Our flagship craft range - SUMI, KUMO and FIZU - are all available directly from us at the bar or online for delivery.

Our new ultra premium range is launching through 2019, starting with KIKU and MIRU…

To try our fresh unpasteurised nama sakes, seasonal specials and experimental sakes, come see us at our taproom bar or one of our events!

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MIRU – meaning ‘to see’ in Japanese – is an alternative style of premium junmai ginjo sake with rich, fruity flavour and a gentle acidity ; a perfect pairing with cheese, charcuterie or crustaceans served either cold or at 45C.

Style: medium, soft and sessionable
Flavour notes: apple, melon, candy floss
15.0% ABV
Yamada Nishiki Rice - 60% Milled
#901 Japanese Sake Yeast
Bottled: July 2019



Our ultra-premium junmai daiginjo sake - a super-dry, delicate & complex sake. Works well both chilled & warmed…

Style: dry, delicate & versatile
Flavour notes: orchard fruits, marzipan & aniseed
16.6% ABV
Calrose Rice - 50% Milled
#901 Japanese Sake Yeast
Bottled: March 2019

Only 260 bottles made - limited quantities available directly from our taproom or a few online for delivery:

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Our special hopped sparkling sake, as perfect as an aperitif as it is for a special seafood dinner...

Style: sparkling, crisp, dry - champagne style
Flavour notes: crisp clean citrus
Secret ingredient: hops!
11.5% ABV
Calrose Rice - 70% Milled
#901 Japanese Sake Yeast
Last Release: February 2019
Award: IWC Bronze



Our flagship Tokubetsu Junmai Sake; refreshingly crisp and made using super premium sake rice from Japan...

Style: pure, clear, off-dry, smooth & classic
Flavour notes: tropical fruits & caramelised nuts
14.5% ABV
Gohyakumangoku Rice - 70% Milled
#7 Japanese Sake Yeast
Last Release: April 2019
Awards: IWSC Bronze, Great Taste 1*



Shake it to make it! A lightly cloudy and refreshing sake with light rice sediment. Made using super premium sake rice from Japan...

Style: crisp, off-dry, smooth & cloudy
Flavour notes: tropical fruits & spiced banana
14.8% ABV
Gohyakumangoku Rice - 70% Milled
#7 Japanese Sake Yeast
Last Release: April 2019


Samurai session 2.0

Collaboration beer with By the Horns



Collaboration aged beer with Beavertown



The incredible leftover fermented rice lees - use it for pickling, marinating, ice creams or as a cosmetic - its uses are endless!

£10 for 500g fresh from our tap room.

For larger quantities or wholesale get in touch with lucy@kanpailondon.co.uk

We are proud to be zero waste!



With two hand-made and unique cups (of all colours!) made by local ceramicist JDP, and a choice of SUMI or KUMO, this set it the perfect gift for the sake lover in your life!

Comes in wooden display box with clear front.

Collection from the bar only, £40

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Sweatshirt £30
T-shirt £20
Cap £15
Tote £10
Glass £5

Only available at the bar.